The Adventures of El Ballo contains cartoon nudity and mild fantasy violence.
(This web site and video game is intended for mature audiences only.)

game exclusive to Mac OS XA letter to gamers out there...

What is missing from your life? Someone to hold and love? Steady pay? Respect from your friends? Bah, superficial stuff. What you really miss is the old-school 2D platform gaming of yesterday. Let's face it, returning to the old classics is always more fun than you expected. The Adventures of El Ballo packs hours and hours of fun in the same vein, wrapped in glorious OpenGL-rendered graphics and sporting the grooviest game soundtrack ever to grace your speakers.

The one and only
retro mac game

   In the News

Peter Cohen of Macworld gives a well-rounded review of El Ballo.

El Ballo listed in the Top 10 games to play in MacFormat.

John Gatti (El Ballo musician), was noted in the local Hawthorne, New Jersey paper.

The soundtrack of El Ballo is finally available for your iTunes library.

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