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(June 17, 2006) Peter Cohen of Macworld gives a well-rounded review of El Ballo.
He touches on all facets of art, engine, music, sound, and gameplay. He also awarded El Ballo 3 out of 5 mice. (Not bad for a naked alien.)

To read the full review, click the following link:

(April 21, 2006) El Ballo listed in the Top 10 games to play in MacFormat.
MacFormat’s March 2006 issue, they had a section of the magazine titled “40 New Things to Try With Your Mac.” In their “Have Some Fun” game section, El Ballo was listed as #6 of their top ten.

(March 16, 2006) John Gatti (El Ballo musician), was noted in the local Hawthorne, New Jersey paper.
Click here to read full article.

(February 15, 2006) The soundtrack of The Adventures of El Ballo video game has been released
Click here and visit AudioLunchbox to sample and add the music to your iTunes library.

(February 14, 2006) A blog has been erected in El Ballo's honor
It'll have the latest news, reviews, and discussions. See you there.

(January 7, 2006) The postmortem of El Ballo was presented at the New Jersey Chapter of IGDA
If you'd like to view the presentation, please click here.

(December 12, 2005) El Ballo deemed not appropriate to be listed on Apple's game site
After a request to Apple to list The Adventures of El Ballo on their apple.com/games website, we received this reply...

Hi Casey,
Thanks for your interest in our Games site. We found that the subject matter of El Ballo (though mild) might not be appropriate for our audience.
The Games Team

I guess Apple prefers games where the user kills human beings, because it seems that "World War II Online: Battleground Europe" and "Close Combat: First to Fight" are listed on their site. Or maybe Apple's taste is a game like "Stubbs the Zombie" which includes (Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Strong Language.) All I have to say is... Thanks Apple for supporting "Mac only" games. Ouch... was that me being snippy ;-P

(November 25, 2005) A review from Macteens.com shows us that El Ballo delivers the goods
Strike a vogue, Kevin Lindeman, of Macteens.com, we love you.

(October 31, 2005) InsideMacGames reviews El Ballo
Sadly, we did receive our first lowly review.

(October 26, 2005) MacNation.org rewards The Adventures of El Ballo its highest "True Superstar" rating
MacNation.org gave El Ballo an incredible write-up. Thanks for the support!

(October 10, 2005) Radio-based review by none other than the remarkable Omaha Sternberg of iGameRadio
iGame Radio delivered a dynamic review of The Adventures of El Ballo on her weekly broadcast.

(September 21, 2005) 5/5 stars and Softpedia Pick Award
Just after one day of being released, Softpedia announced that they are awarding The Adventures of El Ballo with a 5 stars and SoftPedia Pick Award!

(September 20, 2005) The retro mac game The Adventures of El Ballo is released
Download and buy it from www.AmbrosiaSW.com today.

(September 12, 2005) Full review
Review by Macinplay.de, gives El Ballo an 8.5! (Please note: This site is in German. Use this site to translate it: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

(September 9, 2005) Our second interview
InsideMacGames.com interviewed us.

(January 2005) Applelinks review of The Adventures of El Ballo from Macworld
Check out the short review on applelinks.com.

(December 2004) Our first interview
A German website, Macinplay.de, interviewed Ivan Milles. Check out the article.

(November 2004) We got signed!
Ambrosia Software picked our game up and will be publishing it! For more information, please visit their site.

(August 2004) Beta Demo complete
Thanks for all the support and feedback to everyone involved in the first public beta of the game. We are hard at work applying many of the good ideas shared with us.

(July 2004) Beta Demo launch
We are getting ready to release the Beta demo to the iDevGames and CreateMacGames users. Everyone that has signed up with us will get a personal invitation including a link to download the game.

– Casey Gatti & Ivan Milles

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